AP 5-Second Ozone Antibacterial Machine

5 seconds is all you need to elicit the 4 key functions of this machine.

  1. Kills 99% bacteria
  2. Extends shelf life
  3. Remove odors
  4. Removes 75% pesticides


  • No filters
  • Portable, quick installation
  • Meets international power specifications
  • Low power usage
  • Installation to your current water tap/ shower faucet
  • Steady flow of ozone and mixture of ozone and water

for Babies & Children

Ozone water can be used to sterilize and decontaminate baby bottles and toys. Parents will not have to worry about kids putting them that are full of germs into their mouth.

for Adults

As for oral health in adults, in addition to brushing your teeth, do not forget to clean your tongue too. 

Ozone water can remove odor and kill microorganisms, helping you to maintain your smile and gain confidence!

for Elderly

Denture-wearing population is increasing everyday. Maintenance is very important to keep it clean, dirt-free, and odourless. Without proper cleaning, dentures can accumulate dirt, and even leading to cavities or other dental diseases.

Optional Accessories

Traditional Adapter: For faucets without threads. Metallic and rubber versions available.

Diverter: In conjunction with a filtration system.


Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and can bring hygienic and health benefits when combined with water, forming ozone water. It will eliminate microorganisms and oxidize with molecules that produce odors.

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